NORTHPORT                          ENERGY
Northport Energy was founded in 2008 by local citizens who shared common interests and concerns relating to energy conservation and energy efficiency. They began to meet informally calling themselves The Northport Energy Group. 

By 2010, the group had grown in size and become more serious about their shared interests. They renamed themselves the Northport Energy Action Taskforce and filed the papers necessary to become a registered 501(c)3 non-profit in the State of Michigan.  They also took action to protect the name “Northport Energy" as we are more frequently called today.

In order to establish eligibility for certain types of federal energy grants and other fund raising models, a Limited Liability Corporation named Leelanau Community Energy (LCE) was formed in 2011 as a partnering, for-profit entity. Local investors founded LCE to fund, build and operate wind energy systems. Northport Energy and LCE members devoted much of 2010 and 2011 to working with Village of Northport, Leelanau Township and Leelanau County officials to explain the benefits of renewable energy sources, offering several proposals that culminated in the wind turbine that powers Northport’s Wastewater Treatment Facility today.

Today, Northport Energy members are a diverse group of farmers, engineers, economists, scientists, teachers, attorneys, public administrators, and energy experts - all coming together to pursue that same common interest in renewable energy. 

Our monthly general membership meetings are open to everyone.

Meetings are held at 9:00 am in the main conference room at the
Northport Highlands
​215 S. High St. in Northport. 

If you share our passion for renewable energy and a cleaner environment think about becoming a member! 



President: Doug McInnis
Vice President: Joe DeFors
Secretary: Ann McInnis
Treasurer: Peter Wolcott
Gene Garthy, Steve Smiley, Jane Packard, Russ Packard, Phil Von Voightlander

Marketing and Outreach Committee

The mission of the Marketing and Outreach Committee is to establish Northport Energy’s identity as THE sustainable and renewable energy organization on the Leelanau Peninsula.

Joe DeFors, Jane Gale, Phil Mikesell, Jane Packard, Jan Rygwelski

Projects Committee

The mission of the Projects Committee is to identify, propose and advance renewable energy projects with the goal of transforming the Leelanau Peninsula into a community 100 percent powered by efficient and sustainable energy sources.

Tom Gallery, Doug McInnis, Russ Packard, Steve Smiley, John Todd, Phil VonVoigtlander

Public Policy Committee

The mission of the Public Policy Committee is to identify and research existing and proposed policy issues on the federal, state, and local levels that impact renewable energy initiatives on the Leelanau Peninsula
and recommend action plans to the Board of Directors. 

Peter Wolcott, Rick Foster, Tom Gallery, Doug McInnis, Kate Thornhill