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100 years ago, the night sky was visible to people all over the world.
Today, there are many areas around the globe where the night sky is no longer visible.

We are concerned that due to increasing nighttime light pollution,
northern Michigan is another area at risk of losing our ability to see a clear, dark sky.

In 2018 Northport Energy added a new component to our local activism. The Dark Sky Committee of Northport Energy is a group who are committed to maintaining the quality of our night skies. 

In addition to protecting our view of the heavens, the Dark Sky movement also focuses on reducing energy waste caused by inefficient lighting, enhancing nighttime safety and security, protecting wildlife and supporting himan health.  
Our work reflects that done by the International Dark-Sky Association http://darksky.org

Read more below on this very important subject and if you support our work, join Northport Energy and get involved in protecting our night skies!

Comprehensive Websites

www.illinoislighting.org   Select menu sites “Key Issues” “Resources”
www.sierraclub.org   Search “Dark Sky”

Energy Waste/Lighting Products

www.skykeepers.org   Light shields, modifications, outdoor lighting 
www.starrynightlights.org   Click light shields tab
www.paclights.com   Light fixtures

Human Health/Safety/Light Pollution/Glare

www.ama-assn.org   Search “Effects of LED Lighting” click Press Center and About Us
www.ledsmagazine.com/articles/2010/11   Light and Human Health-LED risks
www.nightwise.org  Effects of blue light
www.sites/lsa.umich.edu/darkskies  Univ. of Michigan, Links to Municipal Regulations


www.urbanwildlands.org   Wildlife and Artificial LED light
www.flap.org/lights/php     Fatal Light Awareness Program-safety of migratory birds
www.nwf.org   Search “Let There Be Night”

Night Sky Heritage

www.nwf.org   National Wildlife Federation-Search “Let There Be Night”
www.nps.gov   National Park Service-Search Dark Sky


www.globeatnight.org  Lesson plans/activities for Dark Sky Rangers 
                  Citizen Science/Quality Lighting Teaching Kit, “Loss of Night” phone app
www.nightwise.org   Click “Home”, “Projects” and “About” tabs 
www.noao.edu National Optical Astronomy Observation-Click Education and Outreach 
www.phys.org Physics/Earth/Astronomy/Space/Technology/Chemistry/Biology tabs